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The Akron-Princeville Fire Department is located in Princeville, IL. We service the Akron and Princeville townships, which include the towns of Princeville, Monica, and Edelstein. Our district consists of approx. 78 sq. miles in Northwest Peoria County. We currently have one fire station which houses 3 Engines, 1 Rescue Squad, 2 Brush Trucks, and 1 Tanker. The Akron-Princeville Fire Protection District was established in January of 1946.

APFD news articles from the past

"Firemen called three times to weidner house"   4/29/1972

sample imageThe Akron-Princeville volunteer firemen were called out at midnight Saturday to put out a fire in the house owned by Mrs. Helen Weidner on East Main St. A second call in the early hours of Sunday morning (about 3 a.m.) brought the firemen back to the site to put down a second blaze in the building. Cause of the fire and an estimate of damage were undetermined. However, a third call Sunday evening brought firemen to the scene again, and this time evidence of arson was noted. A pile of straw had been ignited in the building, causing further damage to the house and its contents.

"Princeville fire company no. 1"    unknown date

sample imageThe earliest records of Princeville Fire Company No. 1 were dated to Feb. 1, 1889, by secretary C.C. Graves. Monthly meetings were called to order by the acting foremen, with elections being held monthly for foremen and two assistant foremen. The department consisted of a volunteer company owned and funded by the City of Princeville. The hand engine and hose cart were housed at the Village Hall. Alarms were sounded by a trumpet call with firefighters depending on citizens wells for water supply. Members paid 10¢ fines for each unexcused absence to monthly meetings. Read more

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2011 Call Data

2011 Call Data Coming Soon!

Here is a summary of all of our calls for 2010.

128 Medical
53 Fires
16 Accidents
12 Other
9 Mutual Aid
3 Weather Spotting
2 Gas Leaks